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 06/15/04: Okay, so I have this new job, which is canvassing for enviromental groups like Green Peace and Sierra Club, and so far, it's been a pretty okay job, I mean, I've been worse, but I've been better too. I guess I feel better knowing I'm helping out in saving the environment and stuff, yet I feel bad about going door-to-door asking people for donations. I mean, I know it's not soliciting and we're not exactly door salesmen, but it still doesn't feel that well, ya know? There's also the problem of today's strip, in where you get really horrible people who just kill your entire day and makes it more tiring than it really is, not to mention that it is really disheartening to realize how many selfish rich bastards care only about themselves, instead of everybody else. I don't know,  I guess it's human nature and I shouldn't hold a grudge to it, but it really makes you realize how rotten most of us humans really are, and that maybe we do deserve most of these nature disasters since we are the ones who created them, and we should get punished for all the damage we've done, even if it means extinction of ourselves. Hell, we're heading that way anyway, no matter what anyone can do or say, including myself.

I just got my 'Special Deluxe DVD Version' of The Eye 2 today, and I'm pretty excited to watch it soon. I liked the first The Eye, even if it was just an enjoyable hack job of a bunch of movies, so hopefully this one will improve on that experience.

Working on that voting gift, so hopefully I can have it up soon. But that shouldn't discourage you from voting today though, definitely not, so go and do it now, for the sake of my evil ninja monkey army... Ergh... I mean... Argh...

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