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 05/29/04: God, I'm so tired, but I must make the way back home. I'm gonna be out of town for memorial weekend, so don't expect any updates till after that, and you should all appreciate the sleep I'm pushing back in order to bring you guys the beauty that is this update. And yeah, the strip today actually did occurred to me this morning, and I want the truth here, do I really sound like a girl?

On the Margaret Cho strip, I did get lost till I arrived at the backstage, which was weird as hell. If anyone wants to read more about it, go right ahead and head towards my LJ, which has most of background story besides the strips anyway. I'm also setting up a kind of update mailing list there, so if you have LJ, just plug me into your friend's list, and whenever I update something, I'll let you guys know by posting an entry on it. It'll be easier to send email list, you say? I don't know, maybe, but that's all up to you guys.

By the way, since most of you readers out there are my friends(About 85% of you, I'd say), I'm sure you already know my obsession with Silent Hill, well, I found this really cool pic that someone drew based on Silent Hill 2, which I thought was awesome, so I figured I might as well post the link here so people could go check it out.

Well, enjoy the short vacation, and I'll see ya all when I get back...

---Tom Lin - A Directory of Online Comics