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 05/13/04: By the way, I failed my Organic Chemistry midterm again. Yeah, isn't it beautiful the way life works? So if I update sporadically next week, don't think I'm just singing in the sunshine and smelling the newly-born Spring daisies or something, because I'll be studying. God, I'll kill myself in order to pass the class, so some sacrifices(Like not updating this site for a while) may have to be made.

By the way, as ridiculous as today's(And yesterday's) strip seems, they are real. Ask whoever was at Ochem 252 lecture today, and they'll tell you I wasn't exaggerating at all. Oh, and girls running around from bees in a stupid way is a common sight around campus, I was just throughly surprised it happened that early, while my eyes were half-open, that all(Yes, I do walk with my eyes half-open half of the time, I'm Asian, so nobody can tell the difference anyway, heh). Oh, and vote, people, vote daily and help the site grow, grow like a magic bean sprout, or something, or other, urgh?

---Tom Lin - A Directory of Online Comics