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 04/30/04: What? Yeah, I know what you're all thinking right now. Just like my friend Craig said, "What's up with no updates the whole week?". Well, as I've said before, I was in that 24 hour comic marathon thingy, which pretty much took the whole weekend, and then add in exams and exams, and you've pretty much got a busy Tom without any time to update site. But hey, at least it's up with more than a week's worth of entries, right? Plus, as a nice little bonus for those of you who waited so long, I've uploaded the manga I drew at the 24 comic marathon, which should be quite a treat. Since I didn't have time to draw it the way I wanted it, it's not up to my other stuff, including Vatos Dreame and Year of the Monkey, but it's still readable. Hey, I think the quality is even better than the ones I put in my journals, hehehe, so it can't be that bad.

Now run along, little kiddies, and enjoy the entries that I've prepared for ya. Oh, and don't forget to vote, now, I mean, what kind of good readers would you all be if you didn't vote now, right???

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