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 04/18/04: You are all really, really nice readers, right? None of you will tell my landlords about this little secret here, right? I mean, we can all keep it as our little secret, and then laugh about it some other future night, alright? I mean, you're all nice enough to vote, and you are voting daily, right? RIGHT???

Any comic artists in Columbus, Ohio, should go to Laughing Ogre now and sign up for the 24 hour comic challenge next Saturday. Why would anyone be crazy enough to draw 24 pages of comics in 24 hours, and willingly subject yourself to it? Because you're a foo', yo! Anyway, I'll be there, so if anybody is interested, come and visit me and say hi or something, hell, you can even be nice and come give me some food and pop or something, anything is welcome in the life of a poor artist.

Of course, that means that I won't be able to update crap next weekend either, so be forewarned.

P.S. Vote, ya fools!!! Hehehe...

---Tom Lin - A Directory of Online Comics