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 04/04/04: What? Disappointed that I didn't do anything for my site for April Fool's day? Why, you should be happy instead, I mean, April fool's day is no laughing matter... Urgh... Well, never mind, I take that back.

By the way, I started writing again, and was surprised people actually liked it, since it was more of a little personal thing than something I thought people would like. But then again, this project was kind of a little personal thing that became big, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. The story is called I, you, and the rest of humankind, you may have to register to the forum in order to comment anything, but I guess if you feel like you could.

Don't expect daily updates soon, since I have to go out job hunting again. Hopefully someone will give me a bone this time...

---Tom Lin - A Directory of Online Comics