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 04/01/04: Okay, I know I'm extremely late in my updates, but I have a really good reason this time. First of all, I got a new computer this weekend(Sunday, to be exact), which meant that most of the programs I used were gone(I didn't even have a scanner driver, for God's sake). Secondly, this is the first week of class, so I'm having trouble adjusting to this new schedule. Hell, I'm supposed to be sleeping about an hour ago to get a full 7 hours of sleep, but I guess that ain't happening. So, I'll try updating daily again, but once again, I don't promise anything.

Oh, I should be updating my other site, Vatos Dreame, with new stuff, as soon as I finish inking the manga and making the new gif movies for the prequel. Also, we're gonna be adding a review section, since we do watch a lot of import and non-import movies and games, so I thought it would be fun to review a few of the stuff we watch. Also, I've been drawing a lot of my supposedly weekly series manga, Year of the Monkey, but since I still have no time to design the site, it may be a while before it goes up.

Well, that's about it for me today, vote for me, please, a lot, so that I can rise up and beat the shit out of whoever goes against me, bwahaha, and maybe boost my ego to draw more or something...

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