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 03/09/04: First off, thank you, Craig, for helping my ass off(AKA giving me the answers) with the EEOB homework, so that I actually got enough time to work on this site and put it up. Secondly, to clear it off to those who emailed me, I update the comic strips one day late because I can't draw up a comic strip if I haven't gone through the day yet. These are real life events, and because of that, I have to live through the whole day before I can draw anything summarizing it. Plus, all the fun stuff always happens at late, ungodly hours anyway. Thirdly, for gamers abound who haven't visited Penny Arcade this week, go check out my friend Lisa's LJ, particularly the entry on March 7th, 11:47 PM.

If you think that it's weird that I don't think there's enough chili juice in today's strip, you shouldn't, I drink chili beer(Beer with chili pepper in it), and those things pretty much make you get accustomed to chili. If you live in the Columbus area, then do yourself a favor and go down to World's Market, they got almost every kind of beer there, including the fabled chili beer. And yeah, if you mix water and creamer, then chili juice at Steak & Shake, then the creamer starts to coagulate and form deposits after you stir it a few times. Weird, huh?

Oh, yeah, also, remember that I may not be able to post up comics daily(Thanks to stops like school and work), but I am recording and drawing them daily, so if you see that the newest strip has skipped a day(Or a few days, like in today's update), then click on either the archives or prev button to check the other strips from previous days.

Uh... I think that's all the babble I have for today, and don't forget to vote if you can. I mean, you guys are nice like that, right? RIGHT? Hehehe...

---Tom Lin - A Directory of Online Comics